Rajasthani Puppet Show

Rajasthani Puppet Shows in weddings udaipur

The puppets in Rajasthan are one of the popular sources of entertainment in the state. Kathputli is a string wooden puppet performance and is an ancient and well-known form of folk entertainment. A Kathputli means a puppet made of wood and cloth. Rajasthani Puppet Shows in weddings udaipur

The puppets are usually two feet in height with a wooden head with a nose and large eyes. The rest of the body is prepared of colourful and bright pieces of cloth. The clothes are stuffed with fabric for free movements.The puppets are made up of mango wood.

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The vivid colors like green, orange, blue, and yellow which addsattraction and inducement of the kathputli dance. Considering puppetry as the most significant of all dramatic forms because of its creativity and attractiveness.

The costumes are regional and traditional, so the themes usually performed are Rajasthani historical tales or local traditions. As they are without hands and legs. Long Skirts cover the lower half of the puppet. So the hands of puppets stuffed with cloth and cotton for free movements. Face painted with large eyes and other decorations to the face and the neck. The upper portion of the female puppet is dressed in choli and odhni. The male puppets are dresses in achkan and long kurtas. where they motivation from the Rajput Dressing Style.

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