Rajasthani Pot Maker

Rajasthani Pot Maker in wedding in Udaipur Rajasthan

From raw clay to finished product, the making of clay pots is a long process which starts from selection of clay, seasoning, wedging, making, trimming, painting and burning the pots in the sun. But, we have a simpler way to experience pot making. Pot maker will make different shaped small pots. Pot maker will teach how to mold, where guests will enjoy making different pottery. Pots can be taken back as return gifts.Because they are porous, clay pots do not hold water like plastic or glazed containers and are ideal for plants that prefer dry to moderate moisture.

Rajasthani Pot Maker in wedding in Udaipur RajasthaRajasthani Pot Maker in wedding in Udaipur Rajasthan


Pottery is our oldest handicraft. In prehistoric times, water was carried in woven baskets lined with river clay. After the water poured out of the container the layer of clay dried. The loss of moisture caused the shape to shrink and separate from the sides of the basket. When the clay shaped like a pot, dried in the sun, retained shape of a basket

Early men and women then discovered that they could harden the molded pottery in hot ashes. From these the pots formed by hand and decorated with crude tools.  

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Rajasthani Pot maker in weddings udaipur, Rajasthan,