Live Lakh Bangle Making

Live Lakh Bangle Making in destination weddings udaipur

Live Bangle Making is a very interesting Activity for Females in any event. Bangle maker will make bangles with lac lively in the event. Lac will be heated and molded in circle shape and will be decorated with colors, glitters, stones, etc. Bangles are gracefully created and finished with the utmost attention on each precise detail. The history of lac in India finds mention in ancient scriptures and texts including the Vedas, the Mahabharata and the Shiv Purana. Lac bangles is associated with Shiva and Parvati. It is said that during the wedding of Shiva and Parvati, a community of bangle makers called Lakhera made lac bangles for Parvati. Shiva gifted these bangles to her as a mark of their marriage. Since then, brides and married women are adorned with lac bangles. Live Lakh Bangle Making in destination weddings udaipur

A coil is attached to a wooden rod, known as hati. The artisan uses this hati to heat the lac over burning coals or a sigdi. This process makes the lac soft and easy to mold. The hati is rolled from time to time to roll the coil into elongated coils. The softened lac is molded using a hand-held tool called hatta. To add colours to the lac, coloured lac blocks are used. These blocks are used by mixing lac with colours available in the market. The blocks are also attached to wooden rods. They are heated over the coals and then applied over the lac. Several designs and patterns can be made by applying different colours in varied styles. To make a bangle, the coloured coil is cut into small pieces and rolled out again. Using a wooden tool called khali, which has a groove in it, the coloured coil is pressed. The coil takes the shape of the narrow groove. Using this, the long coil is joined into a loop. This is then heated over the coal again. The artisan inserts the completed lac bangle into a wooden mandrel to calibrate its size and refine its shape. It is well-polished by rubbing it between a soft cloth. After all these steps, a bright colorful bangle comes alive, ready to adorn the wrist of its wearer!

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