Bioscope Shows in weddings udaipur

Bioscope may refer to travelling movie theatre or projector. In early days, movies were shown in bio scope. The Bioscope can be used not only as an entertainment instrument but also to let kids know about historical places and other important topics. If you thought entertaining little ones is a child’s play, you gotta be kidding yourself. Bioscope- a small movie theatre, just perfect for your little one.Bioscope Shows in weddings udaipur

The concept of the bioscope, however, is still fascinating – a hand-driven projector with a low-watt bulb is placed behind the reel. As the handle is turned, the reel moves. A person peeping through a fixed lens gets to experience a wonderful cinematic treat accompanied by music.Its history too is fascinating. The first bioscope was brought to Calcutta in 1896. That was the beginning of a marvellous journey that entertained many a generation. Technology today may lead to its inevitable decline if care is not taken to preserve the bioscope tradition.


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